Case Study

puss & mew

Husband and wife team, Brett and Debra Clayton contacted Studio Von off the back of a radio plug from Christian O’Connell from 104.5 Gold FM who was singing our praises for the branding and packaging design work we had completed for the charity project HEROES GOLD Beer which was developed to raise money for communities in need after the 2020 bush fires.

Puss & Mew was a grass roots project that required upfront strategic thinking. Through the development of brand platforms using visual territory boards we landed in the world of ‘OLD MODERN GIN REIMAGINED’ to bring to life graphically.

The story of Puss & Mew is based on the whimsical history of where Gin began back in England in the 18th Century. The unexpected name is based on a story about the first vending machine that hacked the strict gin liquor laws in London during this time. A statue of a cat called ‘The Puss and Mew’ would pour gin to its cup holding customer via the paw once they placed a coin on its tongue.

The concept for the branding heroes the cat in amongst a world of patterns, colours and botanical illustrations to bring to life the nuances of each artisan flavour of gin. Looking through the bottle to view these details adds an extra layer of discovery and intrigue to the bottle design and brand experience.

Opening their doors in Nunawading in October 2121 the team haven’t looked back and continue to develop their range and grow their business. We continue in our partnership to be their brand custodian and assist in all things design from range extensions, media items, brochures, on premises signage etc.. activating the brand to a level of quality and consistency warranted to all touch points as the distillery grows and evolves.